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 save your holy land

Save Your Holy Land is a non-profit, non-governmental indigenous organisation founded by two local scientists

We, the founders, strongly believe that the educated community is the key to mobilise the society for the benefit of the poor and the disadvantaged.

Though Ethiopia is having severe financial, rnaterial and psychological challenges for the time being, are optimists who believe the future holds many promises for the benefit of the whole society.

The organisation holds a permission and support by the local administration and municipality.

As a short plan the organisation is actively working in the areas of sanitation, anti-HIV/AIDS movement, preventlng beggary and inspiriting the whole community to work for its own good.
 Our mission is to build a capable and hardworking generation that is able to serve its nation creating a society free of poverty and disease.
contact :
  P.O. BOX 70
  North Wollo
  Lalibella, Ethiopia
  Phone: 251-3-360065
Email :